I remember showing this de-motivational poster on my last presentation at graduate school. I talked about how there were times during my two-year masters program that things felt a lot harder than I ever thought or imagined they would be.  I remember times where I felt I was never going to get through it and just wanted to skip over time like in the movie "CLICK" where Adam Sandler has a universal remote that enables him to "fast forward" through unpleasant and hard parts of his life.

I believe we all have moments where our challenges and what we are facing feel greater than we can bear. Sometimes things feel so bad that we may feel stuck, overwhelmed, and even hopeless.  I have also learned through my own experience that I am often too proud or ashamed to ask for help. Growing up, I often believed that if I got help from someone else then I must be weak and not good enough. I remember when my father passed away someone mentioned how it might be helpful to go talk to a professional. I remember thinking "I am weak if I have to go talk to someone."  I now know I couldn't have been further from the truth. I have found that there is often a stigma attached to counseling or therapy when we don't understand its value. Many often think that counseling is shameful and bad. They feel that if they have to talk to someone about their problems then there is something wrong with them. I have learned that it is often the strong ones who ask for help when they need it. It is not easy to go and talk to someone to get help, but Therapy can be very helpful and it works. Sometimes life is hard, relationships get rough, and you need someone to help you through it, or just get a different perspective.